The beginning of a new community connected by tokens


una Messenger starts with wallet connection

Channels are automatically recommended based on your assets if you connect your wallet. Join a channel today to meet token holders from all around the world and discuss with them on tokens, NFTs, and other various topics. una Messenger supports connections to una Wallet, WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, and Wepublic Wallet.


Various channels accessible based on the tokens you hold

una Messenger offers both official channels for each token that any holder can join and private channels that are accessible based on the assets you hold. Join different channels to connect and share valuable information with fellow holders who have similar interests. You can also create and manage your own private channel freely and dynamically.

Coming Soon

Omnichain Interactive DeFi

una Messenger connects all blockchain networks and assets supported by unagi. It is set to integrate una Swap and uNS (unagi Naming Service) offering an interactive UX within the chat window, allowing convenient interchain token transfers.

Coming Soon

Live Chat Feature

una Messenger promises to deliver much more vivid and meaningful communication via its live chat feature. Enjoy real-time communication between you and other token holders that goes beyond just written texts. Enrich your Web3 experience today with una Messenger.

Introducing una Messenger


Step 1Step 2Step 3Vision
Introducing vast communities connected through tokens within the blockchain ecosystemConnecting all blockchain networks and digital assets supported by unagiProposing an innovative communication approach for exchanging opinions and assets.Pioneering the new era of WEB3 with innovation and convenience that goes beyond the community.
  • Create Token-gated Communities
  • Connect to Wepublic DAO
  • Create Omnichain Communities
  • Synchronize assets linked to una Wallet
  • Enhance with una Swap Mudskipper
  • Integrate uNS (unagi Naming Service)
  • Feature Real-time Live Chat